Are you looking for a WoW emulation project that is different from the classic MaNGOS/TrinityCore-based family? Then you may be interested in AscEmu: an open-source emulator for World of Warcraft based on ArcEmu.

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AscEmu is derived from ArcEmu to keep up the Antrix-Ascent-Arcemu way of Framework. We focus on optimizing the codebase and improving the ingame functionality.

The project name and codebase is based on ArcEmu (mostly developed between 2008 and 2013) and Ascent (2005-2007, when it was the biggest competitor of MaNGOS). The project is released under the AGPL license, mostly written in C++ and using MySQL.

What is cool about this project is that it aims to support several WoW versions (Classic/TBC/WotLK/Cata/MoP), even though that is currently a work in progress (currently log into the world is not available in Classic and MoP):

AscEmu WoW version support

To achieve this goal, an experimental database with the name of OneDB has been created aiming to supports all WoW versions. Some extra fields have been added to the table, such as min_build and max_build in order to help the core loading the right data according to the chosen game version.

AscEmu does not dictate to users to how the game must run, but instead provides a level of customisation that allows users to deliver the experience they want to deliver.

Whether you wish to mimic what once was or create something entirely new, AscEmu aims to provide the tools to do this.

The project is derived from ArcEmu, Ascent, Antrix, WowD Team, you can check the list of contributors here. A more detailed page about the project’s history is also available here.

AscEmu was created in the beginning to help arcemu users. Later we move on with our own ideas and started to create a “one core for all versions” base (packet serialisation is an important part of it). After we found a way to create one core for all it was kind of obvious to create (or start to create) a databse for all versions. At the end if someone wants to switch tbc/wotlk or cata it is “just” a simple compilation of the core, (no changes needed for the databse).


How to install:

The list of the GM commands is available here.

Some useful official links of the project: