It’s the 3rd of September 2015 when the “purest heir” of MaNGOS publishes the 0.18 release through a commit of stfx in the cmangos/mangos-wotlk repository.

cmangos release

This is the second release that comes from the CMaNGOS project, even if we are far from the days when the MaNGOS project published more than one release per year,  this is an important step anyway.

The changelog reports 726 commits since the previous release and several game and server features:

Game Features

  • Add calendar system
  • Implement support for many spells and auras
  • Improve blink handling
  • Improve weather handling
  • Improve creature linking
  • Fix some exploits
  • Polish battlegrounds and arenas
  • Add support for rabbit day

Server Features

  • Smoother movement updates
  • Improve movement generators
  • Improve chat system
  • Improve vmap and mmap system
  • Improve EventAI and DBScripts engine
  • Improve pool system
  • Improve cmake system
  • Clarify and better handle some packets
  • Cleanup and optimize code
  • Add Travis CI

For the classic and tbc versions, the new release is marked as 0.12.3.

Let’s say good job to the CMaNGOS team and all contributors!