WoW emulators support for Mac OS X was never that great, making it hard or impossible to compile a WoW core in a MacBook, iMac or another Macintosh.

Fortunately, technology evolved and thanks to Docker we can easily setup a WoW server using a Mac.

This tutorial explains how to install a 3.3.5a (Wrath of The Lich King) World of Warcraft server in macOS using AzerothCore.

1) Install git

If you have brew, you can easily install git on your mac by typing in your terminal:

brew install git

If you don’t have brew, you can download git for mac and install it manually.

2) Install Docker

3) Download the WoW server sources

In your terminal type:

git clone

then type cd azerothcore-wotlk to access the main sources folder.

Type pwd to know where you are. This is the location of the wow server sources. All commands must be launched from this location.

4) Download the WoW data files

You can download the WoW data files from here.

Then unzip all folders and move them inside the docker/worldserver/data/ of the wow server sources.

5) Build and run your server

Launch the following commands:

docker-compose up

Those commands can take a while to execute.

You need to wait until everything is ready and your WoW server will be up and running.


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