EDIT: this article is out of date, you can check the official Keira3 website for more information.

The creators of Keira2 have recently announced that they are working on a new database editor application for World of Warcraft. This time it’s a Deskop application, and it does not only generate your SQL queries, but allows you to execute them directly into your DB.

A new cross-platform Database Editor

Keira3 is a modern DB editor for WoW 3.3.5, tailored for AzerothCore and available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

With Keira3 you don’t have to know the SQL language in order to change contents: it will generate the SQL queries automatically for you. The SQL code will be displayed, so you can learn, and then you can copy or execute it directly to your database.

Create and Edit entities in your WoW Database

Using Keira3, you can add new entities as well as editing existing ones. Searching among the existing entities will automatically generate a SELECT query for you.

Keira3 create or search creatures

When editing an existing entity, you can get the query containing only your changes:

Keira3 edit creature

as well as the full sql script that creates the entity from scratch:

Keira3 - full sql query

Smart value selectors

Forget about struggling with flags when dealing with bitmask values, Keira3 makes it easy and straightforward to deal with flags:

Keira3 - animated flags

Keira3 flags selector

You don’t have to remember by heart what numbers mean for each field, selectors will help you with that:

Selectors can help you combining entities with each other too:

Keira3 - Item selector

Helper tooltips

Tooltips will guide you to understand what is the meaning of each field and what values it accepts:

Keira3 tooltips


You can edit Creatures, Quests, GameObjects, Items, Gossips, Conditions, SmartAI.

Cross-platform & Easy to run

Installing Keira3 is very easy (this is a huge improvement compared to Keira2).

Just download and run it in any operating system. No extra dependencies required.

Available formats include:

  • Linux (AppImage, snap, rpm, deb)
  • Mac: (dmg)
  • Windows: (exe)

windows linux mac