AzerothCore, CMaNGOS, and TrinityCore have a great feature that retail hasn’t, a true PvP statistical system.

PvPstats is a tool written by Shin, released under the GNU-AGPL3 license, that allows to store and display data about Battleground scores.


It consists of two parts: a core modification and a web application.

Core-part of PvPstats

The core part has been included in both TrinityCore and CMaNGOS official cores.

Each time a Battleground ends, PvPstats stores in the database all Battlegrounds:

  • Date & time
  • Winner faction
  • Type (which BattleGround is)
  • Bracket level range

For each Battleground it also stores player:

  • Killing blows
  • Deaths
  • Honourable Kills
  • Bonus Honor
  • Damage done
  • Healing done
  • and the other various data (like Warsong Gulch capped/returned flags, Arathi Basin assaulted/defended bases, EoS capped flags, etc…)

In a nutshell, it saves all data you can see when the BattleGround ends in the score window.

It currently supports:

Web front-end part of PvPstats

Written using Bootstrap, PHP, and JQuery, the web application displays the amount of victories of factions, top 20 players and top 5 guilds of:

  • Current day
  • Last 7 days
  • Current month
  • Overall

both for all levels and for every level range (10-19, … , 70-79, 80).

It also displays:

  • Detailed BattleGround scores information (battleground.php script)
  • Top100 players and guilds (top100.php script)



There isn’t an official live preview but there are several servers that are using PvPstats.

We can set up the PvPstats system for CMaNGOS or Trinitycore by following the official installation guides: