Slavery Valley is a custom battleground developed by Snoopzz in the 2016. Today it has been improved and converted into a module for AzerothCore. The module version is available as a reward for AzerothCore contributors (all people who have contributed at least once to the project).

The Slavery Valley map is created using the world PvP zone Tol Barad structures, as a result, different zone like “The Prison” appear similar, but all the map and battleground are developed from scratch, probably using tools like Noggit.

How does the Slavery Valley BG work?

  • Any faction has 80 points (as default), the goal is decrease the points of the opposite faction by killing the players or the boss.
  • There are three bases: Mine, Restless Graveyard, Prison.
  • Restless Graveyard and Mine give you the Spirit Healer of the base.
  • Mine, if taken, buffs the team with Mine Buff, it increases your damage by 5%.
  • Restless Graveyard, if taken, buffs the team with Restless Soul Graveyard Buff, it increases your stamina.
  • If you kill a player you inflict 1 point to the opposite faction, if you take Prison you inflict 2 points when you kill a player.
  • The base Prison has no graveyard.
  • There are two bosses one for each faction.
  • When you kill a boss inflict 10 points to the opposite faction, if you took all the bases, when you kill the boss you inflict 25 points to the opposite faction.
  • If one of the two bosses die, the other boss disappear.
  • The bosses (re)spawn after 5 minutes.

Slavery Valley AzerothCore custom BG module - World Map

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