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New implementation of Blink

A new PR for TrinityCore authored by kvipka introduced several improvements to the Blink mage spell:

  • blink in abyss
  • blink by path ( rechecking each step )
  • where player can walk – blink will available there
  • implemented check on dynamic objects ( locked doors, etc… )
  • implemented total path of blink

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TrinityCore 6.x vs 3.3.5 branch usage

The 6.x branch of TrinityCore has been created almost 11 months ago and according to the TrinityCore forum download counter, the 3.3.5 is still the most used branch by the TrinityCore community.

In fact, all of the download counters (week, month and year) are showing that the 3.3.5 database has (the more or less) twice of the downloads of the 6.x one.

weekmonth  year
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TrinityCore removes 4.3.4 branch

TrinityCore goes forward with its plan of focusing the development on the 6.x branch by deleting the 4.3.4 branch.

Now there are two official branches, the stable 3.3.5 and the newest 6.x.

The 4.3.4 branch was not stable nor new, but the deletion of it caused malcontent and led to the creation of a separated repository at GitLab which aims to continue the development of the 4.3.4 game version. Behind it there are some TrinityCore DB developers:


The DB releases for 4.3.4 will be published in another repository located at GitHub:


TrinityCore 4.3.4 branch