How to install AzerothCore inside an LXD container

LXD is a container manager, offering a user experience similar to virtual machines but using Linux containers instead. For those who do not know what LXC and LXD are, you can read this article and visit the linuxcontainers website.

Installing AzerothCore using Linux containers – tutorial by Nolt.

LXD installation

  • check if snapd and LXD are installed
sudo snap list
  • if not type
sudo snap install snapd && sudo snap install lxd
sudo snap list

LXD configuration

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WoW Emulation Discord and Reddit

WoW emulation logo by Torta

 WoW Emulation Discord logo by Torta

The WoW Emulation Discord is a bridge between all WoW open-source projects and their communities.

A place to share valuable information which can be useful for several WoW projects, and a way to connect developers of different projects together.

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How to boost PvP in your WoW server

Article by Shin.

A collection of practical and cheap tips for WoW server administrators to boost the (Battleground) PvP in their realms without much effort.


Battlegrounds are one of the funniest things about World of Warcraft. One of the reasons I’ve created the PvP stats system was to enhance them by adding an extra level of competition, giving players one more reason to queue for BG and increase the number of games on the server.

There is a list of things that you can do on your private server to give PvP an extra boost. Everything listed here is merely the outcome of my personal experience and of course just my personal opinion.

Who is this guide for

This guide is for administrators of WoW private servers of all sizes. Most of them are currently using WOTLK expansions, but generally, my suggestions should be applicable to other expansions too.

Most of my suggestions listed below do not require much effort to be introduced. This is it: in my experience, I’ve noticed that there are some very easy but important things to be done in a private server that would make the PvP experience much better… if only the server administrator had thought about it.

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Best WoW emulator 2021

WoW Emulation logo - best WoW emulator 2021

Best WoW Emulator 2021 – WoW Emulation logo by Torta

TLDR: show me some numbers

For those who are looking for the best WoW emulator for their use case but are too lazy to read the whole article, we have collected some statistics from Discord and GitHub, so here’s a summary of them (for more details about the statistics, read the whole post).

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