Discord WoW Register is a bot written in LUA that allows creating WoW accounts via Discord, it supports both the AzerothCore and TrinityCore main emulators (as well as their derivates).

Discord Wow Register by iThorgrim-Hub


The bot is written by iThorgrim-Hub using technologies such as Discordia, Luvit, Luarocks, LuaSQL and SHA1. It works with Debian/Ubuntu-based operating systems.

How the bot works

When a user wants to register, he/she has to send the following command in any Discord channel where the bot is activated:

!account create

This way the bot will ask the user for the account name and password.

The bot will also check if the account name is already in use, in such case another account name will be requested. If the registration succeeds, the user will receive a confirmation message and will be able to access the game using the newly created account.

How to install the bot

The setup instructions are available at the official repository of the bot:


The bot is a free and open source tool. You can support the author with a donation.

iThorgrim LUA Discord Register bot running in terminal

This article shows how to register WoW accounts via Discord using open-source software. Remember to support the WoW emulation community.

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